Sunday, July 29, 2007

The road most travelled

For at least a year now many of my friends have commented on the fact that I don't blog. I informed them that I did have blog capability on our family website (, but nobody seemed to check it out. Probably because I didn't update that much. That seems to be Ryan's domain, since troubleshooting it was a little cumbersome, and I'm not as technologically savvy as he is. So I decided to go the easy route and join Blogger. Just a side note, my friend Eric from Miami started Blogger and currently works for Google and runs the program...GO ERIC!! I know Ryan will be so ashamed that I joined the masses and took the easy road. But whatever, he's not home with two crazy kids all day. Sometimes the easy road is what I need!! Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for...(drum roll)...The Tew family blog!!

These pictures are from a month ago or so at our local fair. There was a carnival, parade and fireworks to top it off. The kids had a blast.

Ethan break dancing for the parade watchers.

Daddy's girl