Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wow, it's been a while!

I guess if you were to grade me on blogging for the last 5 months, I'd probably have a D+ (I like to stay positive). However, in my defense, I have some good excuses:

1. Pregnancy. In the past I've found the evening is the best time to blog. Recently, due to the parasite taking over my body, my bed seems to be my best friend in the evening. I do have a laptop, but the thought of going downstairs and getting my camera and downloading my pictures is honestly more energy than I'm willing to expense. Horrible I know. But today I'm sick in bed with the flu and I've finally downloaded TWO months of pictures from my camera to my computer.

2. Computer problems. My laptop LCD screen is having major issues. It's gone completely dim and I've lost most of the color. It's a relatively new computer (2 year old HP) but the warranty is up (of course, I swear computer companies have this industry rigged) and to have someone look at it is at a least $150 plus parts....Yikes! So, I'm making due with what I have. It makes shopping on the internet a real bugger because I can never tell what color anything is. So I usually call up a friend (thanks Tiffany) or I email my husband the link so he can tell me. This is really cramping my style.

3. Blogging is like crack. Easily addictive and a hard habit to quit (not that I really know, I've just heard). I can spend hours blogging and procrastinating on things I should be doing. But it is really fun to read everyone's witty comments and catch up on all the latest news. So just like all things you have to find a good balance.

So, here are the highlights from the last two months. My wonderful son Ethan turned 4 years old Feb. 6th. We had a fun party for him with friends and family at the Kanagaroo Zoo, a giant playland full of blow-up slides and jumping toys. The kids and the adults had a blast! My mom arrived from Cincinnati the same day as his party and it was fun to have her in town for 2 weeks.

I know my last blog was basically me venting on my crazy son's latest antics, but I have to say that since he's been out of school and turned 4 I have noticed major changes. He's really maturing and minding lately and I can't help but brag about how wonderful he's been. Sure he has his moments, we all do. I think he's just growing out of his crazy 3 year old stage. I'm so in love with his vibrant personality and his comedic talent. He can make me laugh out loud with his clever comments and impersonations. I think I have a mini Macuauly Caulkin/Jim Carrey on my hands. Many people have told me I need to get him into acting, I might have to consider it. He's a riot.

Here are some birthday pics.

The birthday room was really cute

We've also been busy visiting in-laws, taking mini-breaks to Park City for some winter fun and spending lots of time indoors due to the lovely winter weather that pounded us for the months of Nov-March (it's snowing again today). We're definitely ready for Spring here.

Oh yeah, and for those of you who don't know the sex of our baby, we're having a :

Of course we're really excited and can't wait to meet this new member of the family. We hope to see her beautiful smiling face around Aug. 7th. Of course I have to pick (well, I didn't really pick it) the hottest month of the year to have a baby. I think the average temperature is about 110 degrees in Utah at that time. Lovely.

We also had a wonderful Easter here in Provo. The kiddies came downstairs to find their baskets the Easter bunny had left for them on Easter morning. Ryan's family joined us for church, egg- hunt and dinner on Easter Sunday. We had another egg-hunt earlier in the week with friends.

Ethan, Lilly, Paige and Sailor at egg-hunt

Ryan, Grandpa Chris and Peter holding tired children after 1 o'clock church

egg-hunt in back yard