Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hope for America

Well, last nights Republican Presidential debate on Fox News convinced me. I went in with an open mind ready to listen to what all the Republican candidates had to say. I guess nothing has changed. Just the same old (I'll dance around the issues and hopefully the American people are stupid enough to believe the jargon that's coming out of my mouth) rhetoric that we usually hear in each presidential election. But alas, I was wrong. Someone did stand up and speak with conviction and honesty, and without fear of rejection. And what he said was exactly what I was hoping, praying for. I love this country, and I want the best for my children, grandchildren etc. Not to my surprise the American people agreed. When Fox News polled America after the debate Ron Paul won by a landslide. There was nobody near him. He had 33% of the vote and the next candidate (Huckabee I believe) had 15% and so on down. If you want to know more about Ron Paul and his platform that preserves our liberties and our constitution please visit I know he may not be as handsome Romney, but Ron Paul knows what he's talking about. And is record in the Congress and other positions he's held speak for themselves. I've said my peace, now I'll let you decide. I encourage everyone to do their homework and think hard when they press that button next November.

Please visit for a great clip.


Ryan and Susie said...

Someone left a comment and I made the mistake of censoring it. I was quick to act and didn't think. I invite all comments (clean of course) to my blog. Unfortunately, I can't get it back so I will quote this comment that was left anonymously. This was the comment: "Ron Paul is neither a Republican or a Conservative. I think he's a little nutty".

Ok, so here's my rebuttal. Fact: Ron Paul has the most "conservative" voting record in Congress. You can look it up yourself. He votes in line with the constitution in every vote he casts. "Conservative" can be defined in many different ways. He is also a fiscal conservative and never voted to increase taxes or increase government spending. He believes in small government which was the foundation of the republican party when it was started. Therefore, he is truly a Republican and a conservative. I disagree with you completely but welcome your comments and the debate.

Carina said...

It wasn’t me, swear! Here’s the deal: I think that if someone truly researches their decision, finds someone that falls in line with their principles, that’s amazing. I wish everyone would do that. I don’t care if you vote the same way that I do, that’s not what our system is all about.

I’m not going to support Ron Paul because he’s two things I’m not looking for: conservative and Republican. I love that you ARE supporting him. I honestly wish that more people would feel strongly about the process, learning that they do have a vested interest in the way we are governed.

We may not agree on how to govern, but I think we can agree that it’s our responsibility to educate ourselves and vote our conscience.

Carina said...

What do you think of former senator Mike Gravel's campaign? He has a pretty conservative record in congress. I'd be interested in hearing your perspectives.

Ryan and Susie said...

I know it wasn't you because you would never leave an anonymous comment on my blog, especially when it's political! :) I always love our discussions.

I totally agree with you. I don't care how anybody votes, as long as they do their homework. Our political system depends on it. As far as Mike Gravel goes, I don't know enough about him to comment, but I'm going to follow your link and get back to you on that. Cheers!

Ryan and Susie said...

Carina: so I read a little about Mike Gravel and do agree with him on a number of things. I like the idea of a "fair tax" instead of an income tax. I agree with him on the war in Iraq. I have a strong opinion when it comes to foreign policy which is basically "stay out of your neighbors yard and mind your own business, unless of course they're on your front lawn raising hell, that's when you get out your 12 gage." I also believe that we should arm our borders, and not everyone else's all around world. Stay out of the internal affairs of other nations, that's how we make enemies, not allies. Ron Paul said this in the last debate, well said Ron Paul. The idea is to have nations respect you, and as we all know, respect is earned. Who loves a bully anyway? Don't we always love the peacemaker? I do.

I don't agree with Mike Gravel on National Health care, I take a very conservative approach to this(I know we disagree on this because we've had this discussion before)which is to privatize it. There are of course a number of things that need to happen before privatization to ensure the system will work effectively. I could go into great detail about this, however you're probably the only one who cares so we'll find a fabulous place for lunch and discuss it there.

Wow, I've said too much. But I do love the discussion. Thank you.

Claudia said...

You really got me thinking.. I followed your link on Ron Paul and agreed with most of his ideas. Immigration is a hard topic for me and I'm not quite sure if I care too much about people who home school. Thanks for the reminder to do our research.
:o) Claudia

Ryan and Susie said...


Yeah, home schooling is not an issue for me either.

I do believe in school vouchers, but that's a state issue not federal issue and should stay that way. As far as immigration goes, that's a touchy subject. I agree on enforcing the borders, heavily. The hard part is what to do with the 12 million+ that are here already. Most of them are good people who just want to work and improve their standard of living. However, I believe in the rule of law, so something has to be done. Because our current system has so many social programs set in place that we've all paid into (i.e Social Security, medicaid, medicare etc.)the system can't sustain 12 million + not paying into it but using it. 50% of California hospitals have gone bankrupt in the last 5 years. This is not right. We're well on our way to bankruptcy. We're a trillion dollars in debt. The government has already spent the money. That's sad. So some major things need to happen, because the current system is terribly flawed. The future debt payouts for the federal government are currently at 65 trillion dollars. And since we currently spend more than we make that's not going to made up any time soon. The solution: It's drastic but goes back to the constitution. No federal social programs. The role of the federal government is for defense and defense only. That's what our Founding Fathers intended. I believe in stopping all social programs. Eliminate income tax (which is also unconstitutional) which will in turn boost the economy and give money back to the American people invest and use for various things such as medical insurance premiums (which will in turn me much lower) and so on. It's a long winded conversation, but I really love that your interested and would love to hear your opinion on this. I love this country, and isn't it great that we can sit here and discuss these issues freely. I love it.