Monday, June 15, 2009

Peter's wedding

Ryan's younger (and only) brother, Peter, was married this weekend and we're happy to welcome his wife, Emily, to the family. They had a beautiful wedding and reception filled with wonderful people, good food and beautiful fresh flowers, thanks to Susan and her garden.

The decorators (my wonderful mother-in-law Susan and her sister Penny)

The reception Hall
The back dropThe fire place (love this)
The flower girl (Lilly) and her cousins (Kiara and Brooklyn)
The candy bar
The Grandparents
The baby
The handsome brother and sister-in-law
the baby and Aunt Marci
The candy being devoured
The trouble-maker
the cousins from Texas (Hannah and Jessie)
The reception
The grooms cake (the groom is a master at the cube)
The cheesecake
The flowers that Susan so graciously gave us (these are a few days old but still beautiful)
The peonies look and smell lovely
The happy couple!!


whitney said...

Sus, I was going to ask you where you got your dress and necklace but spaced it? You looked so dang cute!! It was good seeing you and your beautiful kids!

Ryan and Susie said...

Hey Whitney!

I really enjoyed seeing you and meeting your finance, Dan. He's quite a catch and you two look so cute together!

The dress is from Shabby Apple and the necklaces are mostly from Nordstrom, BP department. Although I've bought them all at random times. I love Nordstrom.

Jenny said...

I sent you the pictures. Or at least I think I did, if not check Ryan's email. I got a few good ones. Hope you like them. It was fun seeing you guys this weekend.

Annie said...

I'm so glad you shared those great pics. I was too sad we couldn't be there and this helped! Thanks:)

Chelsea said...

Susie, I'm glad you found my blog. Don't you love the Internet? Your family is adorable. Great to see how you're doing.

EmJay said...

I would LOVE an update... j/k. I'm glad we get to see eachother several times a week. I love Gma & Gpa Tew!

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