Sunday, December 13, 2009

We covered it all this weekend...

Ryan and I both love the arts and we hope our kids have an appreciation for some element of performing arts they grow up. And as parents it's our job to expose them to this wonderful world in hopes of finding something they enjoy doing and supporting them as they develop their talents, whatever they shall be. Right now Ethan want to be a rock star, that definitely remains to be seen, lookout Simon.

Our little Lilly wants to be a ballerina. She couldn't start until she was three and so she started this fall. She's loves it so far and this weekend she had her first recital, The Nativity Ballet. She was a sheep. The whole performance was actually really inspiring, these little girls are really talented (ages 3-7). Lilly's group of sheep were the youngest, they were just happy to be on stage strutting their stuff. Olivia even made an appearance, she had a solo right after Lilly's group left the stage...bad Mommy moment. It was actually hilarious, I would have snapped a picture except that I was frantically jumping up on stage to grab her. She just wanted to be a part of the show, poor girl. Anyway, here's Lilly as a sheep.

We snapped this one before we left. She didn't have her costume on yet. When I say "strike a pose", she does this:

Waiting to go on

Show time

Yes, that's the baby Jesus she's holding ever so gently.

Here's a little sample of Lilly as a sheep:

The laughing at the end is for my daughter Olivia (16 months), making her dancing debut on stage. I cut the camera and ran up there fast as lightening.


Jenny said...

So does this mean you are back to blogging again? I was about to take you off of my blogroll.

Oh, and I have a Nikon D-40 with a kit lens, and then also the kit lens that comes with the D-90 (my father in law gave it to me because he upgraded, love him).

The D-40 is only 6mpx, but really, if you aren't blowing anything up bigger than an 11x14, it is totally fine. And totally light and user friendly.

Ryan and Susie said...

Thanks Jenny for the camera info, I really would like to upgrade my camera. It's on the top of my wish list.

As far as blogging goes, who knows. It's not a big priority for me. I get a little bored and take breaks and then I come back. I can never say I'm back for sure. I have a love/hate relationship with blogging, but I will blog just enough to stay on your list :) I want blog to preserve the memories. I don't really use it as a social outlet like a lot of people do. I do appreciate other blogs and the work people put into them. I wish I enjoyed it more because it is really great way to keep in touch with people and share memories :)

Anonymous said...

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