Monday, July 14, 2008

"But you don't look 9 months pregnant!"

But I am, really, I promise. And just to appease the doctors and random strangers telling me this on a daily basis, I had an ultrasound today (at the request of my doctor of course). And low and behold, baby is 7 lbs and 20 inches!! II still have a few weeks to go so baby still has more time to cook. Not that I was really worried, I knew everything was fine because I feel the mass of baby inside me everyday and she's feeling heavy these days. Hey doctors, long torso= not so big belly. I know I'm making light, but I really am grateful she's fine and I'm fine. Her little heart looks beautiful and everything else seemed healthy on the ultrasound today. I couldn't see her sweet face though, she was facing backwards and her head was way down in there. So, we'll just have to wait for her much anticipated debut.

Anyway, we're eagerly anticipating and slightly freaking out about being a family of FIVE very soon. We haven't done much vacationing this summer because of my condition, but we've tried to make the most of what's going on locally and maybe we'll get a camping trip in by the end of the summer, we'll see.

Ethan's really enjoying BYU preschool this summer. He's made tremendous strides since his last go at preschool and we're really proud of him. He's also had music camp, sports camp, swim and tennis lessons so he's been a busy boy. Lilly's still a little tiny for camps and she likes to stay close to mom so we've spent lots of time playing together and swimming. She's a little fish, just give her a noodle or ring and she's off. She's learning to swim really well and even has better technique than her 4 year old brother who's already had 2 years of swim lessons! It's looking like I've got a little athlete on my hands. She's the tiniest, little dainty girl but she's a fierce competitor and very strong. It's a funny combination. A wolf in sheep's clothing really.

Ethan and Lilly goofing off in their tent

dancing before church
local fair
little swimmermusic camp
Independence Day
Ethan and I woke up at the crack of dawn (6 am) to watch the hot air balloons take off.
My camera ran out of memory right after I shot this photo of Lilly. It was just before the parade was starting. But I did get this cute one of her being camera shy.

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Jenny said...

I probably look more pregnant than you! I only have about six weeks left. (Really nine, but I have to have the baby three weeks early.) Glad all is well. Oh and on a funny note, Wade and I went the way of the Japanese as well. Maybe we can race and see who's is the fastest!